Only Invisalign®
has ‘3 Smarts’

We have developed three technologies over the last 25 years of innovation, which are combined to move teeth with the right amount of force, at the right time, at the right stage.

  • SmartTrack® material
  • SmartForce® attachments, and aligner features
  • SmartStage® technology – results in more predictable outcomes.1

It’s the science behind Invisalign clear aligners.

More flexible and more comfortable.

  • SmartTrack® material used in Invisalign clear aligners offers improved flexibility and comfort.1

  • SmartTrack® has a unique surface texture that allows for better grip and control during tooth movement. This means your clear aligners are less likely to slip or shift during treatment, resulting in more precise and effective tooth movements.2,3

Attachments that help achieve the right movement.

  • SmartForce® refers to the specific placement of attachments, small tooth-colored bumps or ridges, that are bonded to certain teeth.

  • These attachments are precisely engineered to apply the right amount of force in the right direction to move each tooth in the desired way.

  • SmartForce attachments are designed and custom-made for each patient based on their individual treatment plan.

More precise and efficient treatment.

  • Proprietary SmartStage technology is an advanced algorithm that determines the optimal path of tooth movement and the shape of the aligner at every stage of treatment.

  • This means your dentist or orthodontist can plan and execute more precise and efficient treatment, providing you with a faster and more effective smile transformation experience!